The Spring 2015 UNC-KCL 19th-Century Colloquium will be organized and run by graduate students.  Our plan is to mount a two-day series of panels focused on work in progress, accompanied by smaller, intensive writing workshops. We have three primary goals: first, with the use of long distance classrooms, the UNC/KCL graduate students will hold working group seminars on our research throughout the 2014-1015 academic year. We will then circulate drafts in advance of the writing seminars to all participants. These seminars will be moderated by faculty mentors from KCL and UNC, who will act as discussion leaders and commentators on graduate student research projects; the goal of these seminars is to facilitate graduate student publication. The second exchange will consist of roundtables on selected 19th century topics suited for both the KCL and the UNC attendees. The roundtables will enable participants to explore shared topics of interest and cross-institutional and methodological differences.  Finally, we plan to hold a keynote session that explores avenues for academic publication in-depth.

Call for Participants forthcoming. Watch this space.